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Diego A. Fischer, Leslie Daille, Javiera Aguirre, Carlos Galarce, Francisco Armijo, Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Gonzalo Pizarro, Ignacio Vargas, Magdalena Walczak 2016 Corrosion of Stainless Steel in Simulated Tide of Fresh Natural Seawater of South East Pacific Electrochem 11 6873-6885
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Javiera Aguirre, Leslie Daille, Diego A. Fischer, Carlos Galarce, Gonzalo Pizarro, Ignacio Vargas, Magdalena Walczak, Rodrigo de la Iglesia, Francisco Armijo 2017 Study of poly(3,4-ethylendioxythiphene) as a coating for mitigation of biocorrosion of AISI 304 stainless steel in natural seawater Progress in Organic Coatings 113 175-184
Gonzalo Tampier, Laura Grueter 2017 Hydrodynamic analysis of a heaving wave energy converter International Journal of Marine Energy 19 304-318
GonzaloTampier, Claudio Troncoso, Federico Zilic 2017 Numerical analysis of a diffuser-augmented hydrokinetic turbine Ocean Engineering 145 138-147
V.Villalóna, D.Wattsab, R.Cienfuegos 2018 Assessment of the power potential extraction in the Chilean Chacao channel Renewable Energy 131 585-596
Cristina Ruano-Chamorroa, Juan Carlos Castilla, Stefan Gelcich 2018 Human dimensions of marine hydrokinetic energies: Current knowledge and research gaps Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82,3 1979-1989
Joao Guilherme Caldas Steinstraesser, Rodrigo Cienfuegos, José Daniel Galaz Mora, Antoine Rousseau 2018 A Schwarz-based domain decomposition method for the dispersion equation JAAC 8,3 859-872
Joao Guilherme Caldas Steinstraesser, Gaspard Kemlin, Antoine Rousseau 2019 A Domain Decomposition Method for Linearized Boussinesq-Type Equations Global Science Press 52,3 320-340
Gonzalo Tampier, Federico Zilic 2019 Blade-resolved CFD analysis and validation of blockage correction methods for tidal turbines Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore 137-142
Diego A. Fischera, Ignacio T.Vargasa, Gonzalo E.Pizarroa, Francisco Armijo, Magdalena Walczak 2019 The effect of scan rate on the precision of determining corrosion current by Tafel extrapolation: A numerical study on the example of pure Cu in chloride containing medium Electrochimica Acta 313 457-467
Sergio A. Navarrete, Mirtala Parragué, Nicoles Osiadacz, Francisca Rojas, Jéssica Bonicelli, Miriam Fernández, Clara Arboleda-Baena, Alejandro Pérez-Matus, Randy Finke 2019 Abundance, composition and succession of sessile subtidal assemblages in high wave-energy environments of Central Chile: Temporal and depth variation Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 512 51-62
Daniel Gajardo, Cristián Escauriazaa, David M. Ingram 2019 Capturing the development and interactions of wakes in tidal turbine arrays using a coupled BEM-DES model Ocean Engineering 181 71-88
Clemente Gotelli, Mirko Musa, Michele Guala, Cristián Escauriaza 2019 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wake Interactions of Marine Hydrokinetic Turbines Energies 12,16 3188
Karina Soto-Rivas, David Richter, Cristian Escauriaza 2019 A Formulation of the Thrust Coefficient for Representing Finite-Sized Farms of Tidal Energy Converters Energies 12,20 3861
Gabriela Flores, Rodrigo Cienfuegos, Sergio A. Navarrete 2019 Beyond tides: surge-dominated submersion regimes on rocky shores of central Chile Electronic Supplementary Material for 166,92 1-7
Leslie K. Daille, Javiera Aguirre, Diego Fischer, Carlos Galarce, Francisco Armijo, Gonzalo E. Pizarro, Magdalena Walczak, Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Ignacio T. Vargas 2020 Effect of Tidal Cycles on Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Biocorrosion of Stainless Steel AISI 316L Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8,2 124
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María José De La Fuente, Leslie K. Daille, Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Magdalena Walczak, Francisco Armijo, Gonzalo E. Pizarro, Ignacio T. Vargas 2020 Electrochemical Bacterial Enrichment from Natural Seawater and Its Implications in Biocorrosion of Stainless-Steel Electrodes Materials 10,13 2327
Luis Caro-Lara, Esteban Ramos-Moore, Ignacio T. Vargas, Magdalena Walczak, Christian Fuentes, Andrea V. Gómez, Nelson P. Barrera, Javiera Castillo, Gonzalo Pizarro 2021 Initial adhesion suppression of biofilm-forming and copper-tolerant bacterium Variovorax sp. on laser microtextured copper surfaces Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 202 111656
Sergio A. Navarrete, Mirtala Parragué, Nicoles Osiadacz, Francisca Rojas, Jéssica Bonicelli, Miriam Fernández, Clara Arboleda-Baena, Randy Finke, Simone Baldanzi 2021 Susceptibility of different materials and antifouling coating to macrofouling organisms in a high wave-energy environment The Journal of Ocean Technology 15 70-91
Rafael Almar, Erwin W. J. Bergsma, Patricio A. Catalán, Rodrigo Cienfuegos, Leandro Suárez, Felipe Lucero, Alexandre Nicolae Lerma, Franck Desmazes, Eleonora Perugini, Margaret 2021 Sea State from Single Optical Images: A Methodology to Derive Wind-Generated Ocean Waves from Cameras, Drones and Satellites Remote Sensing 13 679
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María José De La Fuente, Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Laura Farias, Holger Daims, Michael Lukumbuzya, Ignacio T. Vargas 2021 Electrochemical enrichment of marine denitrifying bacteria to enhance nitrate metabolization in seawater Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 105604
Camila Canales, Carlos Galarce, Francisca Rubio, Fabiola Pineda, Javiera Anguita, Ramón Barros, Mirtala Parragué, Leslie K. Daille, Javiera Aguirre, Francisco Armijo, Gonzalo E. Pizarro, Magdalena Walczak, Rodrigo De la Iglesia, Sergio A. Navarrete, Ignacio T. Vargas 2021 Testing the Test: A Comparative Study of Marine Microbial Corrosion under Laboratory and Field Conditions ACS OMEGA 6 13496-13507